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"Leaner Meaner and Greener"
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The "NEW" Three Place Xenon XL Super TURBO,   Green just got "Greener"

  The aircraft can take off in less than 35 meters***, fully loaded, on rough ground, and land in 0 - 5 meters. The aircraft is powered by the incredibly Economic Rotax Super Turbo engine, which has a replacement cost of only $30,000 Dollars. The engine runs on standard GREEN Automobile gasoline, which is available, anywhere worldwide. The aircraft is built to a GREEN design and standard. The aircrafts running costs are about one third of the smallest two-place helicopter and is only half the capital cost. In simple terms, its entirely possible to run three of these aircraft for the same cost as a single 2 place helicopter and you can have 3 seats per aircraft, transport 9 people for the cost of two!!!!!!

***With new Variable pitch propeller

  The above new model from Xenon is French designed and manufactured in Poland. Xenon /Celier has a modern purpose built factory and we have current lead-time on this model of only 5 months. The model is fitted with state of the art avionics and can have additional Government agency and military equipment fitted such as a Gyro-cam IR thermal imaging pod which can be coupled to GPS, Computer and Video-record on board the aircraft. The aircraft is highly suitable for surveillance, forward over the hill observation, hot zone operations, Anti-Drug surveillance, Border Patrol, Illicit de-forestation, Traffic Patrol and other government agency activity.

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ELA Gyroplanes, Special Police patrol version!!

Spanish Police parked on the road!!

Police test landing on small highway showing
short Field VSTOL performance

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