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About us



About us.


  GyroplaneAsia & GyrocopterAsia are brands of Rikira co ltd and were set up to provide Government agencies with GREENER, LEANER and more cost efficient aircraft of a specific type.

  GyroplaneAsia works hard bringing government agencies attention to the availability of alternative types of aircraft. Our aircraft are GREENER more efficient, more capable, and can carry the same hi-tech equipment as other airplanes. This efficiency allows them to operate in greater numbers with less damage to the environment and less cost to the operator by using less energy and resources.



  Our Aircraft are state of the art Gyroplanes having most of the capabilities of a standard helicopter but without the high operational and capital costs.


  Our Aircraft are carefully selected from around the world by a small team of experts to insure that they meet the exacting standards and specifications of our customers and that the type is suitable for the intended uses.


  We have more than two decades of experience in the field of Gyroplane aviation and we are agents for the leading brands.


  GyroplaneAsia, Import, operate, sell and maintain Gyroplanes and in addition are consultants for numerous Government agencies. We are able to provide a complete package, supplying Aircraft and their operational management along with proffessional training for crew and maintenance engineers.


  GyroplaneAsia & GyrocopterAsia are Brand names of Rikira co ltd a Thai company, we are currently represented in:

  Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia and Indonesia. Two companies one in Malaysia and one in Indonesia are appointed agents for us in those countries. See details under offices (menu to left)


 Principle Directors, of the of the GyroplaneAsia & GyrocopterAsia brands


John PC Gibbons 2009                                                                                   Robin Ian Grant 2009


 John PC Gibbons. PH.d (Marketing, Sales, Business management, Procurement, Public relations)

  Robin Ian Grant. B.A.(hons) (Pilot, Technical, Engineering, Gyroplane training & Operational management)


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