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Aircraft prices and Payment

Aircraft prices and Payment


Payment methods & conditions:

* Note that each and every Gyroplane ordered will be customized and built for that client, ( normally no stock items )
** The Gyroplane in all cases remains the property of the Manufacturer until final payment has been made.

  1. All aircraft and parts are sold subject to contract.
  2. You your company or organization will receive an itemized pro-former invoice detailing your order. At the bottom of the invoice you will see a contract which you will have previously agreed with us. The contract must be signed by the authorized signatory and sent back to us in accordance with the contract conditions of sale.
  3. As a guide, normal payment for aircraft and services is as follows: Confirmation of any order contract is a Bank Transfer Direct to Manufacturer) (Swift or other Bank transfer service) of 50% of the invoice price from your Company organization or you.  Progressive payment schedule a further  30% at halfway construction stage in the case of aircraft.   20% (balance) (10) days before dispatch from the factory.
  4. All aircraft sold come with a service package which will be itemized in the same way as your Aircraft. The payment for which is simply added to your aircraft price and is staged for payment in the same way.
NB. Our aircraft are sold subject to a service and or training package to protect the buyer and the seller from issues of operational safety. GyroplaneAsia and its representatives are commited to safety as a first priority  The Gyroplane is a new type of aircraft in the region and therefore initially our expert training and or servicing will be mandatory.  This is in order to maintain and operate all aircraft sold by us at the highest level until local systems are in place.

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