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Calidus HSLR


Full specifications and details below HSLR   (High speed long range)



The new
Calidus tandem 2 seat is manufactured in Germany using the latest Green Technology. The machine is a high performer and uses a Turbo powered Rotax engine. The tandem seating and ultra light weight aerodynamic body give the aircraft superlative flying characteristics, high cruise speed, long endurance and greater fuel economy. Fuel is GREEN 95 octane auto gasoline, available almost anywhere. This aircraft is currently operational in Iraq. More about this fantastic new aircraft and its lead time availability Click HERE.




 Vne                                     120mph

 Min level flight speed            20mph

 Take-off distance                 10 to 70m

 Landing distance                  0 to 15m

 Fuel burn                           10 ltrs/hr

 Range                                  up to 7 hrs, or 500miles


 Standard features:


 Seating;                                 2 person tandem

 MTOW:                                  500Kg

 Empty weight:                        270Kg

 Max fuel:                                77ltrs

 Min/max front seat weight:     65/125Kg

 Max rear seat weight:             120Kg

 Engine:                                  Rotax 912ULS or 914UL or to special order:
ROTAX Extreme FI Turbo Injection 150+hp
                                              Ideal high temp high humidity operations

 Propeller:                               Fixed pitch or variable pitch

 Rotor:                                    8.4m aluminium extruded

 Airframe:                                Stainless steel

 Systems:                                Pneumatic trim and rotor brake;

                                               electric pre-rotator (up to  90% of flying speed)


 Safety;                                   4 point harness, both seats

                                               Dynafoam impact absorbing seat cushions

                                               Fire-warning system

                                               Adjustable pilot pedal position                                                                                                                                                                     

 Storage space                       Luggage lockers



 Heated or air-conditioned Cockpit

 Seat cushions; standard or colour matched to your specifications

 Anti collision and landing lights

 Funkwerk ATR833 or ATR500 radio

 Funkwerk TRT800H OLED transponder

 12v sockets

 Dynon D180 EFIS + panel mounted GPS options

 Choice of closed or semi-closed canopies

 Vertical speed indicator

Dynon D180 EFIS together with Flymap GPS

 Military Specifications to order through GyroplaneAsia can include:
 Intelligence gathering equipment. Contact Us click HERE


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