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ELA (factory)Spain

The ELA factory is located near to Cordoba southern Spain. The Gyoplane was invented by a Spaniard in the early 1920’s. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition, 11/12/2008. Gives the following information:
Juan de la Cierva , 1895-1936, Spanish aeronautical engineer, inventor of a rotary-wing aircraft called an autogiron (Gyroplane, Gyrocopter). He flew his first autogiro in 1923 and crossed the English Channel in an improved model in 1928. Bibliography: See his Wings of Tomorrow (1931). (see history Page).
ELA have today an ultra modern, brand new, purpose built factory where the aircraft including the Rotors are manufactured to a Spanish and British CAA standard.
The Engine is from Rotax a Bombardier Company. Bombardier are a huge Multi-National aviation company involved in all aspects of manufacturing including the construction of  airliners. The engine was chosen by ELA because it is a dedicated Aero engine with a superb power to weight ratio. The engine is Turbo-powered giving it close to full power at altitude.
The ELA cougar has been flown to altitudes of over 17,000 feet with oxygen for Pilot / Observer.
Value for money was another consideration at ELA, at under $25,000 dollars the engine has a very reasonable replacement cost. Major overhaul is at 2000 hours TBO.
The combinations of Rotax turbo engine, Carbon fiber body, chrome alloy, stainless steel frame, composite rotor blades, and carbon fiber DUC propeller make the ELA cougar the superlative powerful and aerodynamically perfect machine that it is.
GREEN, the engine uses normal Vehicle grade GREEN gasoline which is usually available anywhere worldwide. Fuel consumption @ 75 – 85% power is only 11 – 12 liters per hour, incredible!
Our Aircraft carry the normal European standard (2 year) (No faults, Guarantee).
For more details, e-mail us your name, the government agency for whom you work and your contact telephone, we will get back to you very soon.


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