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Intelligence Gathering



GyroPlaneAsia (military)
Observation and intelligence gathering.


The pilot officer of this Gyroplane is on a terrain hugging mission.  The display unit gives accurate flight data day or night.


An under slung Gyro-Gimble camera mount, The camera is gyroscopically controlled for perfect rock steady Color B&W or thermal images day or night.  The data can be recorded for later study on the ground. The unit can be controlled manually or linked to flight data GPS programs. The camera can swivel 360 degrees horizonatal and 180 degrees vertical and has a digitally enhanced optical zoom. Full details on request. Click HERE



The Gyroplane or (Gyrocopter) is particularly suited as a forward position “over the hill” observation platform. This is because the aircraft can fly “Low and Slow” missions using a moving map GPS system. Covert operations can be conducted at night using the gyroscopically controlled gimble mounted IR Thermal imaging cameras to gather intelligence.
Today’s technology allows the mounting of lightweight equipment that can be coupled with GPS, Video and on board computer for later in depth analysis on the ground. The recording of incidents using the camera can be used as supporting evidence to prosecute criminals in court.
The Gyroplane is normally flown two up with a Pilot and an Observer operating the intelligence gathering equipment.
Thermal imaging can help determine the position individuals or forces on the ground and plot their movements. It will also give accurate information as to a building or dwellings occupation status; it can do this in complete darkness.
The US Army / Navy / and Air Force use similar IR TIC equipment in UAV’s. However UAV’s are available only to a few select forces; they are highly  expensive in terms of capital cost and require sophisticated ground crew stations with dedicated satellite communications.
The Gyroplane is low cost both in terms of the environment and in terms of capital and running costs. This allows an operator to deploy more aircraft, thereby covering more territory, thus gaining an advantage over the “enemy” or individuals engaged in illegal activity.
The Gyroplane can have the rotors removed in minutes, it then becomes small and is light and easily transportable. The Rotors are stored in a purpose built box. The aircraft and its rotors can then be carried aboard vehicles, vessels or transport aircraft for rapid operational deployment.
The Aircraft has genuine VSTOL capabilities and can take off even at MTOW on very short strips of land or stretches of roadway. Gyroplanes flown by experienced Pilots can operate in much higher wind conditions than other light aircraft, in fact high winds improve take off and landing efficiency.
To find out more please contact us initially by e-mail Click HERE giving us your name only we will the give you information on how to contact us by secure communications. Your communication with us is strictly confidential and will never be revealed to a third party. Customer information is stored on computer using the latest un-breakable 128 bit encryption. Your e-mail address will never be stored unencrypted or passed on to another company, agency, or individual.

An example below of an aircraft on approach and final in complete darkness no runway lights, this IR system with fixed camera is under $10,000.00 fitted includes large coupled display

gyrocopterasia@gmail.com   or   gyroplaneasia@gmail.com



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