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Rotax Extreme FI engines

Rotax Extreme FI Aircraft Engines


Extreme FI engines
Computer maped TURBO CHARGED fuel injection

Extremely reliable, Extremely fuel efficient, and Extremely versatile


Reliability & Safety is everything in Aircraft. Performance should only be considered after reliability & safety is assured.

Fuel Injection & Turbo = Fuel economy, Safety, POWER


Electronic fuel injection has been used on the Rotax powered Predator UAV since 2001. The predator program now has almost 300,000 hours of flight time. What we offer is a proven technology for aviation use. Our engine packages almost exactly mirrors much of the engine technology found on the Predator UAV.


Extreme Fuel injection offers far more benefits than you would expect.

  • Greater HP than carbureted engines
  • Best fuel economy possible
  • longer time between overhauls
  • Smoother and faster throttle response
  • Greater reliability with a truly redundant system (Safety)
  • A lot Greater HP at altitude


Other reasons why Extreme Fuel Injected engines are the way to go.

  • Now nearly plug and play fitting
  • No playing around with carburetors to get them to run right
  • Single throttle body
  • 50 amp alternator standard
  • Rev limiter, timing control, direct port fuel injection    


The fuel Injection Computer:

The fuel injection computer we use to drive our engines is the SDS-4F system. Racetech the company that developed the fuel injection computer for our extreme engines has sold thousands of these units worldwide. Racetech has been in business for over 15 years and has a proven track record within the aviation market as the #1 most reliable fuel injection computer manufacturer in the world. There are hundreds of aircraft flying with the SDS fuel injection system. Every kind of engine from VW engines to Subaru engines, Continental engines, Lycoming engines, and Honda engines have used this system. The fuel injection computer was developed especially for Aircraft applications. 

Normal aircraft engines use CDI ignition with flat ignition curves. Aircraft engines run a set degree ignition point of 26 degrees. The flat 26º degree ignition curve means slower throttle response, less fuel economy at part throttle, lower HP at part throttle, and an overall de-rating of the aircraft engine. 

Carbureted engines are just guessing at getting your engine to run in a range. Generally in aviation carburetors are tuned to run very rich in order for them to not "lean out" during flight. All Extreme engines are calibrated to a13 air fuel ratio at partial throttle and 12.5 ratio for full throttle. The JP Engine control system constantly updates how much fuel to inject into the engine to keep your Rotax Extreme engine running at peak performance.

Longer time between overhauls ??

    Extreme fuel injection systems will get you longer times between overhauls. Engines using carburetors instead of fuel injection run much richer than a fuel injection system using an oxygen sensor. Running rich doesn't hurt the engine in the short term, but in the long term excessive carbon from unburned fuel causes damage to piston rings and also damages valve seats. Running rich will also distribute carbon deposits that cause loss of engine power.

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