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Xenon 3 seat XL

XL 3 seat Gyroplane
  THE WORLDS ONLY 3 SEAT in current production


The XL is the extended version of the Flag-ship Xenon RST, it has been re-sized to carry 3 people comfortably while maintaining normal high performance, this thanks to the amazing RST (Rotax Super Turbo) engine*** and powerful modified rotors especially adapted for this model. The XL is available with an optional  carbon fiber body-shell for even greater weight saving and strength.

The triangular seating, with the pilot center front produces perfect CG (balance). The passengers are almost directly under the mast which helps to maintain CG. We have added side windows towards the rear on either side giving the passengers and pilot a much larger view (300º degrees +). The seats are reclined providing higher comfort and more leg room for long flights. Passengers have at their disposal a central armrest, glove box, reading light, headset plugs, headrest, 3 point harnesses, foot step and 12V plug. Other options are also available.

The XL is the only Gyroplane in the world able to lift more than its own weight of 290 kg. With a useful MTOW of 600 Kg the payload is greater than that of the machine. In spite of this the aircraft is amazingly still able to maintain incredible performance.

The pilot in the center layout has an amazing surveillance perspective of 300º + degrees of view, particularly useful when on patrol or in a special op's and or hot zone .

This symmetry of piloting is perfect for high precision missions. The pilot has if flying alone, a fantastic space around him. The rear seats can be removed easily freeing up a sizable cargo space or an installation of super high tec surveillance equipment.

As mentioned above the aircraft is suitable for over the hill hot zone operations,
fitted with a hush kit, the aircraft is able to skim surface terrain undetected, drop off a medic or specialist op's and pick up a casualty or NEP and return to base.

We are able to put in two extra long-range tanks pushing the fuel range to 11 hours, plus 2×20kg luggage. The layout can also be one pilot, one passenger, plus 2×40 kg luggage or equipment.  The cabin is long enough  for one or even two passengers to lay flat for a good sleep on specially adapted inflatable beds.

The crop spraying version can carry (160 liters) of liquid by volume plus the necessary hardware. Contact us below for details of the ◊ Agri-Machine ◊

For more on our superb XL series contact us below with your Name, organization you work for and your position. We will get back to you very soon.

***The engine on the XL is the same trusty Rotax but with upgraded Mitsubishi/Mercedes SUPER Turbocharger (RST) running at a slower speed but with higher boost pressure producing greater power on take off and at high altitude.




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