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Xenon Rotax Super Turbo Engines




Rotax Super “Turbo”

 Why the Rotax super “Turbo” Because Safety along with Research & Development are the watch words of the design team at Xenon Celier.


 R & D at Celier discovered early on that power to weight ratio was very important to Gyroplane development and viability.


 Research showed that there was really only one engine manufacturer with a world class purpose built Aero engine that fitted the design critera. That manufacturer was Rotax of Austria/Germany.


 The Rotax engine specifications were fine in some of the models but extra power was needed for the military and XL three place model.


 Engineers did not want to compromise weight for power neither did they want to increase the stress levels on the original choice of engine. After an extensive development and testing stage  a   simple and extremely effective solution was found. By simply changing the turbocharger for a larger model with added boost pressure the engine was upped to 135hp, a significant rise in  power giving a perfect power to weight ratio.

  The Rotax SUPER TURBO is super efficient and remains powerful even at altitude and runs on the same GREEN gasoline as automobile engines


 Below the Mitsubishi/Daimler Benz Turbocharger in situ on the Rotax:



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