The GyroCopter ADVANTAGE

The GyroCopter ADVANTAGE



The GyroCopter Advantage

with GyroCopterWorld


Here are some good reasons for buying and operating one or more Gyroplanes with us.


Buying through & operating through GyroCopterWorld. 



We have a lot of experience with this type of aircraft and we can advise you on all aspects of your purchase. You tell us the kind of operation you want to use the Gyrocopter for and we will match you to the perfect aircraft for your needs. 


 Example: You want to move very precious cargo or persons from a dense jungle location to another equally difficult location on a regular basis, sometimes at night, and, in hot humid conditions.

 We would advise you that the Xenon XL equipped with FLIR infra Red night vision and powered with the Rotax turbo injected F1 extreme engine. Plus a panel mounted moving map terrain display and  coupled GPS would be your perfect choice. The extra cargo room of the XL and extra power from the F1 extreme would get you off the ground faster. The FLIR system and GPS moving map would help the  pilot locate the difficult to identify locations in the dark. This aircraft type is already operational in exactly these conditions so would have a proven capability. 

Capital Cost 

The capital cost of the Gyroplane compared to other types of aircraft with similar capabilities is small. Depending on Type and manufacturer a cost ratio of between 30% and 50% is very achievable.  Operational costs can go down to as little as 25% depending on type and operational conditions. 

Maintenance Parts etc 

Maintenance is simple and because the aircraft we sell are manufactured, parts are quickly and easily obtainable. The engine has a long life of 2000 TBO, replacement cost is around $30,000.00 US dollars.  The Gyroplanes we sell use only Vehicle grade green gasoline available world wide. Gasoline consumption is around 11 -17 liters per hour, another huge saving on running costs 

Space Saving 

Even with the rotor blades fitted The gyroplane takes up very little space and can be towed behind a vehicle on a trailer. Put them on a truck vessel or transport aircraft and on arrival at any given destination  they can be flight ready almost immediately. Rotor blades can be removed and or fitted in less than 5 minutes!!! 

Range Endurance

Proof positive that our Gyroplanes are superlative flying machines

Mattew Hayduk in the open cockpit of the Magni M22 over Cambodia during his round
the world record attempt (note the huge fuel tank with life raft on top in the rear 
seat position) GyroplaneAsia are helping to sponsor this official world record 
challenge by Matt our ace prize winning pilot from USA.

Many models of our Gyroplanes now have ranges of 800 kilometers + without re-fueling and 5+ hours of endurance. This is nearly double that of any light Helicopter.


High wind speeds and poor weather conditions 

When other light aircraft are grounded due to poor weather conditions and high wind speeds, the experienced Gyroplane Pilot is ready to wheel his machine out and fly. In fact high wind speeds can give the  Gyroplane favorable landing and take off advantages. 

Build Quality

All our gyroplane are built using the latest high tech materials such as Carbon fiber, Stainless steel and Titanium. As such they are lighter, stronger and never subject to corrosion. All our Gyroplanes are manufactured in Europe or the USA to government standards and approved designs. They all come with standard 2 year parts and labor guarantee’s and Type Certificates.  


The Gyroplane is very hard to spot in the sky. It produces a very small Radar signature and can be fitted with a “Hush Kit” and camouflage paint making it suitable for covert operations and getting in and out  of an area unseen and undetected. 

Avionics & Special Equipment 

The advances in modern avionics making them much lighter now mean that the Gyroplane can be fitted with a full IFR panel &coupled GPS. Surveillance equipment such as IR thermal imaging cameras with  laser pointers as  well as FLIR night vision systems and Synthetic Radar, all are easy to mount on the Gyrocopter.  Gyrocopters can even be fitted (subject to Government approval) with air to surface and air  to air missiles. This extra flexibility in equipment levels broadens the gyroplanes possible uses even further. 


Advances and quantum leaps are being made in Gyroplane technology. When this technology is fully proven and tested retrofitting devices such as “Jump Take-off” will be possible with simple modifications  because of the Gyroplanes simple but efficient design.  


When you as a customer buy through us,  you as the end user can chose absolute anonymity. We Guarantee you or your organizations identity will never be revealed to a third party and details of the sale  and payments will be kept 128 bit encrypted on computer for only as long as is necessary, after which, all information will be irretrievably destroyed using DOD advanced non-recoverable deletion techniques. 

Train and Maintain 

We train you or your pilots to better standards using top flight high hours ex military CFI / QFI's. We can also train for covert special Op's and low level flying on request. We can  maintain your aircraft using only experienced qualified engineer's with Gyrocopter backgrounds. We can also train your own Engineers / Pilots on site as required.


E-mail us in confidence: Click HERE  and give us the chance to convince you further of the advantages of our “ Leaner Meaner and Greener superlative high tech modern flying machines.

Synthetic Apature Radar (SAR) 

Easily slung under or bracketed to the Gyrocopter

UWB radar is known to be able to penetrate
dense foliage and even, in some cases,
the ground. example metal objects under the soil

Range and resolution up to 10 Miles  (16 Kilometers)
Penetrates through cloud, Rain, Fog etc

Weighs only 3.1 Kilo's
Length 68 cm
Wide only 23cm

Power 35 to 85 watts MAX @ 24v

Slung under a fixed wing Cessna 182 (Note the small size)

Typical night vision taken through cloud

Multi-Sensor Gimbal, light weight, long range with laser pointer, infrared, thermal and super HD video, can read a newspaper at 1 Kilometer and can be operated from the rear seat by an observer leaving the Pilot to do the flying.


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